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Trailer: Lucky Leo (2023) 🍀🦁

Poem: Colliding Contracts by Samira 🇮🇷


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I’m the German voice of This Song Plants Trees, whereas streaming this song on Spotify & Co. magically plants trees.

We’ve planted 18,000+ trees in Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique so far, and I contributed 470+ planted trees through my German voiceover:

Climbing to the TOP of a mountain until summer 2023

My goal is to produce Original Stories through suse and publish them on my suse YouTube channel. That’s my way of saying, “I’m building my dream company,” as expressed in {Sunday Truth 108} on January 29, 2023.

suse Logo
suse Logo

The execution of realizing stories, so people can consume them, is the end goal, monetary bottom line or profit is not. Producing stories is my goal, making money is not my goal.

Producing suse Original Stories is my goal
Producing suse Original Stories is my goal

The end goal is clear.

The paths to reach the end goal are manifold and infinite.

And the creative disciplines that comprise the end goal are manifold too, but finite.

There are 6 creative disciplines that make up suse Original Stories:

  1. text
  2. voice
  3. music
  4. sfx
  5. artwork
  6. animation
6 creative disciplines to realize suse Original Stories: text, voice, music, sfx, artwork, animation
6 creative disciplines to realize suse Original Stories: text, voice, music, sfx, artwork, animation

Text is everything that’s written.

Voice is voice-acting and for that matter screen-acting as well.

Music is the soundtrack for each piece.

SFX is about ambience, sound design, and the little snippets here and there that complete a scene.

Artwork is related to visuals and comprises photography as well.

Animation is everything that can’t be performed by a human alone.

Execution is the goal is the execution is the goal

Reaching my end goal is like reaching the top of the mountain while climbing it up at the same time: it’s recursive, as in computer programming, where a recursive function calls itself and becomes the seed for its own execution. Or, when making kombucha tea, where the SCOBY and the kombucha residuals of your current batch become the seed for your new batch of kombucha.

In other words, the execution towards my end goal becomes the fulfillment of my end goal, which means the execution is the goal, and the goal is the execution. It’s recursive, as I said.

If this is all confusing, here’s something more tangible.

Climbing a mountain from two sides simultaneously

You can climb a mountain from two sides, at least. You can pick one side to climb up and descend on the other side.

The limitations of the physical world don’t apply in the post-physical world though, which is the world of thoughts, strategies, metaphors, metaphysics, and the non-tangible but existent matter and objects: the digital world, or Idea World.

In Idea World, the entrepreneur can climb a mountain from two sides at the same time and reach the goal faster, and that’s my go-to execution strategy to climb that sucker.

The 2 complementary paths to climb a mountain

When I produce stories, which is my end goal, and it’s like climbing a mountain from two sides at the same time, I have two approaches:

  1. I have the skills myself
  2. I buy the skills from others

I can write and voice-act, I have those skills.

But I don’t know how to draw and animate, or make music and sound design, so I buy these skills.

For my latest suse Original Story, Lucky Leo (2023) 🍀🦁 (trailer), I wrote and voice-acted the script, then hired Spanish music composer Aleix Ramon for music, ambience, and sound effects, and Japanese animation studio Maru Exposito to hand-draw and animate amazing backgrounds and the protagonist.

So this is the skills aspect.

Here is the money aspect.

In an ideal world, I would continue working as a Freelancer and make enough bucks to finance suse Original Stories. But our world is messy and far from ideal, but good enough though.

Freelance Income finances suse. That’s what I would prefer.

But the problem is: my current flagship freelance service, which is voice-acting, hasn’t generated any money for me in the past 5 months (after I left the social media agency client in September 2022). Making no money is unsustainable and bad.

That’s why the monetary aspect of climbing the mountain has two complementary approaches, too:

  1. Freelance Income finances suse
  2. Day Job Income finances suse

With enough money, I can buy the skills I need to realize suse Original Stories. Where the money comes from is irrelevant, albeit it coming from me being a full-time freelancer is what I would prefer.

Enjoying the climb, indulging into the view, but staying sharp on the execution

In conclusion, I need skills and money and time to produce suse Original Stories.

I have time. Until I’ll die, I have time. Check!

I have skills. I don’t have all the skills to produce suse Original Stories in the desired way, but I can buy or rather rent skills from others because it would require a significant investment of my time to reach the level of a professional; so I’d prefer to pay a pro to help me out. But that requires money.

I don’t have money (yet). That’s the biggest roadblock holding me back from realizing suse Original Stories. Currently, €360 are on my bank account and €750 are the debt I owe to my mum.

Because of lack of money, the crucial 3rd element in the equation, I’m willing to give up my freedom as a self-employed solopreneur, swallow my pride, and get a day job where I’m being the slave in a master-slave relationship, because realizing suse Original Stories is more important than my freedom.

June 2023, that’s in five months, is when I want to have made a significant financial jump with my freelance income that justifies a continued pursuit of my voiceover path.

If I can’t show proof of income on my bank account by June, I don’t deserve to stay a freelancer.


I double down.

The dire financial situation I’m in right now is a perfect character test and stress test: if I can’t deliver reasonable success as a freelancer voiceover artist in the next 5 months, I might as well swallow my pride and become an employment slave who functions to obey the Corporate Lord because I don’t deserve otherwise.

If you’d like to see how it goes, you can read the weekly {Sunday Truth} on my blog.

January 27, 2023, 02:15 a.m., Berlin, Germany

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